Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Port-A-Fire™ come with a propane tank?
Sorry, the propane tank is not included. We recommend a 20lb propane tank, the same as you would use on a standard barbeque. The propane bottle can be purchased at all home supply stores.

How long will the Port-A-Fire™ burn on a 20lb propane bottle/tank?
You can enjoy up to eight hours of use with a moderate flame using a 20lb tank.

How long is the hose?
On the original Port-A-Fire The hose is 10 feet long, allowing you to place the tank a safe and unintrusive distance from the fire. The rv quick disconnect port-a-fire and the natural gas port-a-fire both come with a 20 foot hose for your convenience.

How much does the Port-A-Fire™ weigh?
The shipping weight of the Port-A-Fire is 18.5lbs including the supplied lava rock.

How big is the Port-A-Fire™?
The Port-A-Fire has a diameter of 16 inches at the base and is 6 inches high with the lid.

Can I use the Port-A-Fire™ to roast marshmallows and weiners?
Definitely, and ash free!

Does the Port-A-Fire™ give off any heat?
Absolutely, as well as illuminating the area like a typical campfire would.

Can I put real wood on the Port-A-Fire™?
No, do not put real wood on the Port-A-Fire™

Does the Port-A-Fire™ have a lid?
Yes, and with a convenient carrying handle.

How much does the Port-A-Fire™ cost?
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